Throughout my career, I have challenged the arbitrary physical and psychological boundaries between humans and nature. In my most recent work, I collapse the perception of interior and exterior space by suggesting similarities between botany and anatomy. I pull references from the garden, leaf litter and skin. My daily walks through the woods near my home provide inspiration and a sense of connection with a larger natural system. Observing growth, decay and rebirth, I confront my own mortality and the ephemeral quality of life. To witness the change of seasons is ultimately an exercise in humility. Life and death are two sides of the same coin.
    These are my “meta-thoughts” when puzzling out the colors of a faded pumpkin blossom or the shockingly sexual interior of an acorn seed.  I am here, and I am there. I intend to draw and paint what I observe and how it feels to observe it. I depict what I find visually compelling and hope to engage the viewer with color, form and light.