Plant Matter opens August 17, 4-6pm at the Roxbury Art Center

      You are invited to experience ‘Plant Matter,’ a group exhibition curated by Gallery Manager Ursula Hudak.  An Artist’s Reception will take place on August 17, 4-6pm. Location and details found here.

     “Plant Matter” will present works from all aspects of plant life and decay, from representational works to art made with plant pigments or constructed using found organic materials. The art for this show will span a wide range of mediums including paintings, prints, collages, sculptures and ceramic works.

      Featured artists include Richard Barlow, Marieken Cochius, Margot Elizabeth Glass, Elaine Grandy, Kathleen Hayek, Megan Irving, Emily Johnston, Gerda Van Leeuwen, Alethea Maguire, Amy Masters, Lukas Milanak, Carol Rudowsky, Ted Sheridan, Jackie Skrzynski, GG Stankewitz, Linda Stillman, Holly Sumner, Kamilla Talbot, June Tyler, Susan Weisend, and Amy Wilson.

Plant Based group show at WAAM opens August 17

Tree of Heaven is part of the "Plant Based" group show at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM). Selected by artist Tracey Cockrell, the exhibition opens on August 17 4-6pm. Details found here. This particular work depicts the seed pod of the Tree of Heaven, a beautiful yet invasive tree that also hosts the Spotted Lantern Fly.  Skrzynski is inspired by the seeds' arching forms, color, and the suggestion of a panoptic botany.

Coming August 24, 2024 Solo exhibition at Garrison Art Center 

Opening August 24-September 15. More details to follow.

"'Visceral Bodies' is a hit to the gut" Jeanne Brasile reviews in The Newarker.

Curator, writer, and artist, Jeanne Brasile writes a review of Visceral Bodies in The Newarker. "Throughout time, the body has been invoked as a contested artistic space, conveying not just the likeness of the sitter, but the socio-political values of the time. In this extraordinary post-Covid moment, curator Juno Zago addresses renewed and reimagined considerations of the body as a site of discourse." Expanding on four artists in the show, she writes "Skrzynski’s large charcoal drawings are densely arranged bodyscapes that menacingly drip, pucker and gnarl across dark surfaces punctuated by areas of dramatically lit body parts. The dense imagery heightens the feeling of foreboding, denying the eyes and brain a chance to contemplate these arrangements of corporeal chaos."  

Gallery Aferro closes the exhibition with an artists' talk on Saturday, August 12 from 3-4 in the gallery. 

Visceral Bodies opens at Gallery Aferro

June 24, 2023  6-9pm   73 Market Street. Newark, NJ

Curator Juno Zago writes "The artists whose works are featured in “Visceral Bodies” aren’t using the human body as the backdrop of their artistic visions with depictions of exactness. They are quite literally exploding the physical form, asking and even answering questions about their lived experiences, and inviting you to come closer and examine what they have discovered along the way.  “Visceral Bodies” asks that viewers consider the body, its presentation, and its limitations. It also asks viewers to consider its innards, its building blocks, its resilience, its anger, and its joy."  

Artists: Peter Dougherty • Judy Giera • Monifa Kincaid • Ian King • Kerry Kolenut • Nelle • Aurora Powell • Robert Richardson • Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar • Fausto Sevila • Jackie Skrzynski

Nature Walkers opens at ACC Gallery

The 'Nature Walkers' exhibition brings together a diverse collection of artworks that explore different facets of our natural world, including its beauty, its fragility, and its connection to our everyday lives. The exhibition will be on view at ACC Gallery from May 30 to June 16, 2023. The opening reception is June 3 from 5-7.

These seven artists, Eric Diehl, Jaanika Peerna, Zac Skinner, Jackie Skrzynski, Sharon Strauss, Kazumi Tanaka, and Jayoung Yoon, use nature and its elements as a primary source of inspiration for their art.  The exhibition offers a distinct and multifaceted perspective on the complex relationship between humanity and nature and encourages viewers to connect with the natural world in a deeper, more meaningful way.

-Excerpts from the curator's essay by Jayoung Yoon.

The Witchery of the Living at Unison Arts

 A solo exhibition titled The Witchery of the Living  opens April 15 with an opening reception on Earth Day, April 22, 4-6pm, followed by a Silent Walk. The show runs through May 27.

Excerpt of curatorial statement:

  "Jackie Skrzynski’s intimate observations of local plant forms unearth “a gift, a recognition of myself - ourselves - in the botanical drama of life and death.Embracing parallels with human anatomy, the alchemy of transformation is celebrated through a series of works in dialogue with poets such as Wendell Berry and Mary Oliver (from whom the title is drawn).

    "Celebrating spring and rebirth, Unison Arts presents “The Witchery of Living”, an exhibition of paintings and drawings that explores extraordinary manifestations of life forces in the plant world. Installed in Unison’s community space, adjacent to our bucolic grounds, the show invites a close examination of enchanting and discomfiting ephemeral forms that straddle the ambiguous territories of “native” and “invasive”, the beautiful and the sinister." 

From Alchemy to Numinosity opens at the Ramapo College Art Galleries

The Spring 2023 exhibition at Ramapo College includes an eclectic mix of works from the campus Haitian and Asian art collections hung with several contemporary artists, including Florine Demosthene, Julie Nagle, Ann LePore, Josh Knoblick, Lydia Viscardi, and Jackie Skrzynski. The Gallery is hosting a closing event on Monday, April 3, from 5-7pm. 

Virtual Studio Visit with Orange County Arts Council is now on You Tube

OCAC published a nicely edited version of the virtual studio visit this past June as part of their ARTS OUTREACH initiative. The conversation covered inspiration, process, and ended with advice for young artists. The interview has two parts, background and current work. Part I and Part 2

Silent Walks in November and December

Black Rock Forest welcomed Jackie Skrzynski back for a Silent Walk on November 7.

Unison Arts in New Paltz is hosting a Silent Walk at the River to Ridge Trail tentatively scheduled for the late afternoon of December 18th.

Summer 2022 Artist-in-Residence at Hortus Arboretum

Sketching from life during the day and drawing from references at night, Jackie spent a productive week in residence at Hortus Arboretum and Botanical Garden located in Stone Ridge, NY. This unique arboretum created by artists Scott Serrano and Allyson Levy gives equal space to rare, unusual, ancient, and edible plants. Pictured above is a drawing of the medlar fruit, nicknamed in medieval England "open arse." 

Work featured in "birds of a feather" at Ethan Cohen Gallery, KuBe
Beacon, NY – Ethan Cohen Gallery is pleased to present Birds of a Feather, a group exhibition of over eighty artists that will be on view from June 4th through July 31st, 2022. This exhibition showcases works by artists living and working in Beacon and beyond, alongside works by artists from around the world who are part of Ethan Cohen Gallery’s global program. Click here for more information and gallery hours. 

Virtual Studio Visit with Jackie Skrzynski June 16th

Join the Orange County Arts Council's Arts Outreach program Virtual Studio Visit with Jackie Skrzynski, Thursday, June 16, from 5-6pm. Register through their website here.

Nocturnal Movements, an installation at Ann Street Gallery Opens June 11, 2022

A drawing in the window, reflective eyes hidden along the street, and a Silent Walk at Black Rock Forest are all part of the 1x1x1: Nocturnal Movements installation at Ann Street Gallery opening June 11, 5-7, and closing July 8th. Read curator Diana Mangaser's beautiful description of the work here (scroll down).

Work in Fundraiser for Ukrainian Art and Culture

May 21, 21 and online. Organized by Simone Eisold and Mark Turner of Bull Farm 1856, Spring in Wartime gathers 40 artists in a distinct exhibition and sale to raise funds for Ukrainian artists affected by the war and to help preserve Ukrainian art and culture.

UPDATE: Work Sold

(s)mother collective Artists-in-Residence @ the neighbors for May, 2022

Part of the core of a loose group of 5-15 artists-mothers-humans brought together by curator Anna Adler, Skrzynski and members of (s)mother will be artists-in-residence during the month of May at the neighbors. Look for conversations that seek to erase the silence, sharing uncomfortable and marginalized voices related to care in (a time of) crisis.

 the neighbors (in hiatus as of fall 2022) was an artist-run Chicago-based organization that operated on a glocal scale, meaning global and local—conversations that traverse continental borders and enrich the ones with which we share our immediate neighborhoods.

photo credit: Kari Smith untitled (beets)

New work debuts at Newburgh Open Studios 2021

Please visit Ann Street Studios to see the newest paintings from the Black Rock Forest residency. Saturday and Sunday September 25 and 26, 12-6pm.

"Newburgh OPEN Studios, celebrating its 11th year, fosters artistic expression, civic participation and the economic growth of Newburgh’s diverse community by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture" -Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor, NOS founders and organizers

Three Drawings win First Place in the Hudson Valley Imprints Exhibition, Summer 2021

Selected by Al Held Foundation executive director Daniel Belasco and expanded to include the entire lower Hudson Valley region, this year's HV Imprints exhibition marks an exciting change. Three of Skrzynski's drawings were selected and awarded first prize. There is an online gallery here until August 15. In addition, award winners and honorable mentions participate in the physical exhibition at Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh, with an opening reception on July 17th from 4-6pm. This also runs through August15.

Two works included in (S)mother 2.0 Care in (a time of) Crisis
Bethany Arts Community 40 Somerstown Rd., Ossining

Curator Anna Adler brings together a evocative group of international artists that explore an expanded definition of mothering, particularly in a time of crisis. Several events are scheduled throughout the month. Artist Jackie Skrzynski has two works in the exhibition and her painting Warm Milk is depicted on the flyer (shown here). Please visit the Bethany Arts Community website for event registration and visiting hours.

 May 8 – 29, 2021
Jackie Skrzynski is the Spring 2021 Artist-in-Residence at Black Rock Forest

For the Spring 2021 semester, Jackie Skrzynski will be the Artist in Residence at Black Rock Forest. BRF maintains a 3,870-acre forest and scientific field station in the Hudson Highlands, 60 miles north of New York City. Based on her time spent in the forest collecting reference material, Skrzynski is making work that supports BFR's mission of advancing scientific understanding of the natural world through research, education, and conservation programs.

In addition to making drawings and paintings, Skrzynski is leading four Silent Walks on the Full Moon, starting in March and ending in June. In April, Skrzynski and Master Science Educator Angie Paterson will lead an Earth Day hike sharing both an artistic and scientific perspective of nature. There will also be a virtual artist's talk about the residency on June 22 at 1pm. All events require registration through Black Rock Forest's events page.

The Second WAAM Banner Exhibit Showcases the work of four artists.

Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM) has opened its second banner exhibition  RENEWAL featuring the work of four artists chosen by Carrie Haddad Gallery curator, Lena Petersen. The line-up includes Antonio Alvarez, Thomas Sarrantonio, Jackie Skrzynski, and Meredith Morabito. Allowing easy viewing during the pandemic, the banners are displayed 24/7 on the gallery's windows. Tree of Heaven Seeds is pictured above. Closes December 2020.

Ann Street Gallery reopens with Influenced by Nature

Ann Street gallery reopens for outdoor music and drink and low capacity gallery visitation. The exhibition Influenced By Nature is a reconfiguration of the Krasdale show curated by Kirsten Kucer. Several new works and a bigger, more open exhibition space transform this into a quite different show. A selection of paintings from the "As Above, So Below" series are included in the exhibition. Open weekends through September 5th.

(S)mother Stays Home, May 2020

Anna Adler curates a selection of works and performances that expand the definition of mothering while de-romanticizing the myth. With the support of the Bethany Arts Community, Adler transformed the pandemic-altered physical exhibition into a hybrid of installed, filmed and virtual exhibition spaces. The virtual opening is May 8 from 7-8pm.  Several drawings from the Hybrid and Children series are part of both the physical and virtual exhibition.

POSTPONED Sometimes the World Curves Towards Beauty

Perhaps as a much needed salve during these uncertain times, curator Eleni Smolen has organized an exhibition at Regal Bag Gallery titled Sometimes the World Curves Towards Beauty. The show tentatively opens April 11 from 3-5pm and runs through June 28. Tree of Heaven Seeds, picture above, will be among the many works by artists from the region and beyond.

EXTENDED 20/20 Vision at Holland Tunnel Gallery

 20/20 VISION is co-curated by Judy Thomas and Holland Tunnel Newburgh founder/director Paulien Lethen. This will be the gallery’s first invitational group exhibition, with over 100 artists’ work on display. This exhibition brings together works of differing styles and genres with a shared level of quality and commitment by each individual artist. Internationally renowned, mid-career, established and emerging artist works hang side by side in a democratic, salon-style fashion. Holland Tunnel Newburgh seeks to inspire community involvement, and become a place where creativity finds a home. The exhibition that pays homage to the late Richard Timperio and his grand salon-style ‘floor to ceiling’ annual winter extravaganzas at Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Influenced by Nature opens January 15, 2020

Curator Kirsten Kucer brings together nine artists inspired by natural forms. Art Spaces @Krasdale welcomes the public to the opening reception from 5:30-7:30 on January 15th, located at 65 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, NY 10604. The exhibition runs from November through May first in White Plains and then in the Bronx. It is viewable by appointment by contacting Janet Estevez at (White Plains) or Nairoby DeLaRosa at (Bronx)

Terrain Biennial Newburgh 

Unseen Nocturnals 104 Courtney Avenue (after dark)

Jackie Skrzynski is one of several artists participating in the first Terrain Biennial Newburgh. Her installation intends to remind urban residents of aspects of nature that are around us but hidden.

The opening will coincide with the Newburgh Open Studios weekend.

September 28th–November 17th, 2019

The Terrain Biennial enables residents to feature artists’ interventions in the conventional landscape of a home, challenging the space between public and private, decoration and function, figure and ground. Follow terrain.biennial.newburgh on instagram

Read more about the project organized by Naomi Miller, originally conceived by Sabina Ott.

Newburgh Open Studios 2019

 #3 Ann Street Studios

“Newburgh OPEN Studios, celebrating its 9th year, is a direct manifestation of our mission to foster artistic expression, civic participation and the economic growth of Newburgh’s diverse community by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture by celebrating the livelihoods of working artists in our region. Therefore, NOS will continue the tradition of presenting the Fall tour- September 28th & 29th, 2019.”
— Gerardo Castro & Michael Gabor, organizers
Coming this fall

Newburgh Open Studios and Krasdale Corporate Headquarters. Details to follow.

Siblings included in Works on Paper Exhibition

Siblings, pictured above, is part of the Works on Paper exhibition at Webster Arts in Webster, MO. The exhibition runs through the end of August, 2019.

Still, Still Moving Opens March 2 at the Howland Cultural Center

Acorn Tongue, pictured above, along with Glow Stem, are part of the group exhibition Still Still Moving, curated by Eleni Smolen. Smolen is well known as the creative force behind the respected gallery, Theo Ganz Studio. She and her husband David also organize Beacon 3D, the annual city-wide celebration of public sculpture.
The exhibition is located in the historic Howland Cultural Center on Main Street in Beacon, NY and runs through the month of March.

Artist's Talk: Jackie Skrzynski and Marieken Cochius

CMA Gallery of Mount Saint Mary's College is pleased to announce an artist's talk for February 19th, 2019 at 4pm. Marieken Cochius and Jackie Skrzynski will discuss their work which was exhibited in the CMA Gallery in the fall 2018. The event is open to the public.

Complex Ecologies runs October 19th -December 14th, 2018

Marieken Cochius and Jackie Skrzynski are exhibiting new work at the CMA Gallery at Mount Saint Mary's College in Newburgh, NY. The College is holding an opening reception on October 19th from 5-7pm. Located in Aquinas Hall, the gallery is part of a new initiative to enhance art programming at The Mount. Artists' talks will be scheduled for December.

Newburgh Open Studios 2018

Visit Jackie Skrzynski at #3, Ann Street Studios to see all new work.

“Newburgh OPEN Studios, celebrating its 8th year, is a direct manifestation of our mission to foster artistic expression, civic participation and the economic growth of Newburgh’s diverse community.  We do this by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture and by celebrating the livelihoods of working artists in our region. Therefore, NOS will continue the tradition of presenting the Fall tour- September 29th & 30th, 2018.”
— Gerardo Castro & Michael Gabor, organizers

2018 Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Award Winner

Jackie Skrzynski is one of the 2018 award recipients recognized and supported by the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Money for Women is the oldest ongoing feminist granting agency. While other grant sources have come and gone, the MFW fund is in its fourth decade. They are "still feminist and still willing to take risks."  See details for the 2018 Award Winners in the link above.

Earthbound: Tanya Chaly, Jackie Skrzynski and Samantha Palmeri

What: Hudson Beach Glass gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of new drawings and paintings by Samantha Palmeri, Tanya Chaly and Jackie Skrzynski.
When: The show will run from Saturday, June 9 until July 8, 2018. The reception will be June 9th from 6pm-9pm.
Where: Hudson Beach Glass is located at 162 Main Street, Beacon, NY. Hours are daily 10-6, Sunday 11-6.
Inspired by a profound relationship with their environment, these three artists interpret the natural world through the lens of science, abstraction and the body.
Samantha Palmeri is drawn to nature and the body, seeing intertwining lines and shapes as metaphor for internal struggles. Her studio practice evolves from a process based on repetition, knitting, and braiding. She looks at tree limbs and body parts as much as piles of garbage or laundry. Where it goes from there is left to the unfolding of mood and chance.  Formerly a gallery owner herself, Palmeri just finished her second successful year as the Director of Beacon Open Studios.
Throughout her career, Jackie Skrzynski’s work has challenged physical and psychological boundaries between humans and nature. In this work, she collapses the perception of interior and exterior space. Her large charcoal drawings of swirling forms and tangles suggest similarities between anatomical and botanical forms.  Skrzynski writes that her imagery is inspired by her time in the woods near her home. Observing growth, decay and rebirth, she intends to convey her perception of nature as equally beautiful and unsettling.  Outside the studio, Skrzynski is the creative force behind P.U.G. Projects, which stages pop-up exhibitions in Newburgh and beyond.
“Tanya Chaly makes visible the invisible forces of nature through interventions into her analytical drawings on paper of animals and the ecosystems they inhabit. Her work balances order with disorder, meticulously combining renderings in graphite and charcoal with indications of impending microscopic threats. Often, they take the form of thousands of pinholes depicting the molecular structures and toxins that impact species, and the delicate systems in nature that support them. Her work and installations are layered with clues to understanding complex issues in science and life. In the process, poignant questions arise surrounding resilience, survival and loss.”    –Matthew Garrison

Under the Radar feature on Vasari21

Ann Landi, the writer and creative force behind Vasari21, interviews Jackie Skrzynski for an installment of "Under the Radar." These articles showcase artists whose work is not yet widely known but deserving of a closer look.

Recent Drawings by Jackie Skrzynski at The Seligmann Center

The Seligmann Center at the Orange County Citizens Foundation will be hosting an exhibit titled, “Recent Drawings by Jackie Skrzynski”. Throughout her career, Jackie Skrzynski’s work has challenged physical and psychological boundaries between humans and nature. In this most recent work, she collapses the perception of interior and exterior space. Her large charcoal drawings of swirling forms and tangles suggest similarities between anatomical and botanical forms. Skrzynski writes that her imagery is inspired by her time in the woods near her home. Observing growth, decay and rebirth, she intends to convey her perception of nature as equally beautiful and unsettling.

An opening reception will be held at the Seligmann Studio on March 4th from 2 to 5 pm to meet the artist and view the exhibit.

Other events:
On March 25th at 2 pm, there will be an Artist Talk
On April 15th at 2 pm, Jackie will be leading a Silent Walk through the Seligmann grounds.
About the Orange County Citizens Foundation: The Orange County Citizens Foundation is a membership-based, non-governmental organization that improves quality of life for Orange County residents through land use and transportation planning, water conservation, waste management, cultural affairs planning and education, public policy, and advocacy. For more information, visit or contact Nancy Proyect at 845.469.9459 or
25-26 White Oak Drive, P.O Box: 525, Sugar Loaf, NY 10981 Phone: 845-469-9459 Fax: 845-469-9459

Coming in June 2018

June: Three person exhibition with Tanya Chaly and Samantha Palmeri at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon.

Details to follow.

P.U.G. Projects presents Orange Alert III: Espiritu

P.U.G. Projects latest exhibition is Orange Alert III: Espiritu. Each of the artists in this exhibition make the unseen visible. Artists exhibiting are Olivia Baldwin, Peter A. Campbell, Vincent Cianni, Joshua and Alaina Enslen and Bill Kooistra.

This pop-up exhibition will be located at 10 Carpenter Avenue, Newburgh, NY. Look for the blue building on the corner of Broadway and Carpenter. The opening (and it's all about the opening with a pop-up) is July 9th from 1-4pm. Please join us and bring a friend!